About us

Thank you for visiting our shop.The name of the shop Urban yogi refers to a one who is living in a City or Urban area and trying to practice Yoga. The word Yoga- comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means to connect. Connect to what?. A Urban Yogi strives to establish that ultimate connection between him and the Supreme Ultimate Source truth and source of Power, which people perceive in different ways. Some as a blissful, joyous light. Others as a dear most friend or a voice speaking from the inner heart and while others as the most beautiful Supreme Personality. Interested? Keep in touch by signing up for our news letter and by visiting the Blog section of the website.
I have started 'Urbanyogico' because, shopping is the last thing on that I want to do.Sounds counter intuitive isn't it?. And, on top of it, when I go for a shopping, I find millions of products except the one that I need.
That's why I started this store, keeping in view the frustuations people go through,when they cant find the product they are looking for. A product that is simple, really needed, unique and can't be found or we dont have time and energy to go looking for.
I want this store to be a shop that actually makes people happy with their purchase, fulfils their needs and give happiness. At the moment, I am in the process of building a team of like minded individuals who can help me to grow this.
Finally, I want to make this one of the most innovative Online Stores offering products that are special, needed but not easily found in the shops. I want your help, suggestions, feedback in making this store a success. Give me a shout, I am waiting to hear from you.